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Epidemiology 499

If you are eligible, please contact potential supervisors directly from Public Health Sciences web site:

Please let the EPID499 Coordinator, Ana Johnson and the Life Sciences office know once you have found a supervisor (and who it is).

Prerequisite:  EPID 301 or HTLH 323 or BMED 270 as long as taken by Fall 2017.
Recommended:  EPID 401

2019/2020 Supervisors in EPID 499:

  • Dr. Kristan Aronson  TBD.

  • Dr. Susan Bartels one project (co-supervising with Dr. Melanie Walker):

  • Project Outline: Interested in supervising projects in global and population health that are concerned with the social determinants of health among vulnerable groups and marginalized populations in Canada and abroad.

    Supervisors: Dr. Melanie Walker and Dr. Susan Bartels

    Project Title: To be determined

    Keywords: population health, social determinants of health, global health, sexual and reproductive health, child protection, humanitarian crises

    Project Goals:

  • To provide students with the opportunity to investigate the relationship between social determinants of health as risk factors for a variety of health-related outcomes, particularly in women and children.
  • To introduce students to mixed methods approaches to data collection and analysis in population and global health research.
  • Experimental Approaches:

    Mixed methods

  • Secondary data analysis of existing databases such as the Demographic Health Surveys
  • Retrospective analysis of de-identified data from patients presenting to the Kingston Health Sciences Center Emergency Department
  • Impact:

    Knowledge gained from such studies may be used to design culturally and contextually appropriate interventions at the population level to improve health outcomes.

    Dr. Susan Brogly  Has taken one project student.

  • Dr. Heather Castleden TBD

  • Dr. Colleen Davison  Has taken one project student.  Dr. Davison will not be taking additional project students.

  • Dr. Ana Johnson Has taken one project student.

  • Dr. Ian Janssen  TBD.

  • Dr. Patti Groome  TBD

  • Dr. Mary Ann McColl  TBD.

  • Dr. Anna Majury  TBD.

  • Dr. Helene Ouellette-Kuntz  TBD.

  • Dr. Will Pickett  TBD.

  • Dr. Harriet Richardson  TBD.

  • Dr. Vic Sahai  TBD. 

  • Dr. Dallas Seitz  TBD.

  • Dr. Heather Stuart  TBD.

  • Dr. Wendy Wobeser  TBD.