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499 Projects

The 499 projects in Anatomy, Cancer, Epidemiology (now Public Health Sciences), Microbiology, Neuroscience, Pathology, Pharmacology and Physiology represent the capstone of several degrees offered by the Life Science program.  Projects for 2020-2021 will be updated by February 1st, 2020.


The following is the list of the sub-plan Coordinators of the 499 Projects (and their email contacts) as of May 1st, 2018:



How To Get Started on a 499:

  1. Life Science Bachelor of Science Honours Specialization students interested in pursuing a 499 project in their fourth year should contact professors after January of their third year unless a professor indicates a specific date.  Please refer to the following websites for faculty associated with 499 projects (note: sometimes students will go outside of these but they will require approval - email The Department of Biomedical and Molecular Sciences:; Pathology and Molecular Sciences:; Public Health Sciences:  and the Centre for Neuroscience:
  2. We expect to update the 499 projects by February 1st at the latest.  We have begun this process for ANAT, CANC, MICR, PATH and REPD  projects as of January 13th, 2020.
  3. Students are expected to provide an unofficial transcript to their potential supervisor, thus confirming their eligibility for a 499 project. 
  4. Once an agree has been made between you and a supervisor, please email letting us know who your supervisor is and which one (i.e. ANAT, CANC, EPID, MICR, NSCI, PATH, PHAR, PHGY, REPD).
  5. Please note that some research grants will be announced later in the winter term, so faculty will not know until later in the term if they will be taking a 499 student.  We can add 499 projects into September to a students schedule.

Life Science Bachelor of Science Honours Major students are not eligible to do a 499 project.