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When is the Plan Selection Process in SOLUS? 

  • May 27th-June 2nd

When is the Change of Plan web page available for upper year students? 

  • May 27th -June 2nd

What happens if I am on the Pending List? 

  • We will make our decisions from June 3rd to 12th

When will I get my enrollment appointment time? 

  • In July you will be able to access the Student Centre to view your enrollment time.

When will the timetable be available? 

  • June 8th was the original pre-COVID-19 date

When can I begin to load courses to my shopping cart? 

  • July 9.  However, remember that loading courses in your shopping cart does not mean that you are in the course.  You must register for the course starting with your enrollment appointment time and going to the end of enrollment July 28.

When is Class Selection I (Enrollment Restrictions enforced)? 

  • July 16-25 - see your enrollment appointment time on SOLUS.

When is Class Selection II (Open, no Restrictions enforced)? 

  • July 24-July 31

When does the next Open Enrollment open? 

  • August 18 You will be allowed to add up to 18 units per term.

Registration Hiatus for administrative staff: 

  • August 3rd. At this time there is nothing we can do to help you with courses etc.  Please do not contact staff at this time.

When is Tuition due?

  • Tuition is due September 1st along with any outstanding debts!

Where do I find the Life Sciences and Biochemistry Program Office?

  • Room 815, Botterell Hall

Who do I email my questions to?

If I don’t see the answer to my question here, what do I do?

  • Email us.  See Contact.

I didn’t select all my courses and now the system will not allow me to add anymore courses. What do I do?

  • You will now have to wait until open enrollment.

Can I be added before the open enrollment period as I want to be sure to get in the course?

  • No.

Will there still be room in the course if I have to wait until September?

  • There are no guarantees.

The system tells me I cannot take the course because I don’t have the pre-requisites, but I do have them. What do I do?

  • Email us and we will look at your situation and if you are able to take the course we will email you a permission number so you can add the course on SOLUS.

What if I took the pre-requisites over the summer and the marks are not showing on my transcript yet? How do I get in the course I want/need?

  • Once you have your unofficial mark, send this to us and we will give you a permission number so you can add the course on SOLUS. 

What do I do if two of the courses I want conflict? Is there a way that the schedule can be changed?

  • You will need to look at which of the courses is a core course to your program and ensure you take that course. The scheduling is done by the timetabling office and we cannot change it. 


  • First Step.  Go to SOLUS and run your Academic Advisement Report.  If you notice something is not satisfied and you feel it should be, come by the office and see Alana or Katherine.
  • Second Step.  Ensure you apply to graduate.


I am going into 4TH year and not sure how I choose my courses?

  • BCHM:  You will be pre-loaded to your course courses.
  • LISC: You will receive an email with a google document for you to pre-select your 4th year courses.  We hope this will happen in June.  We will ask for ALL pertinent information at that time.  Once courses have been assigned they will be pre-loaded.

 SUB-PLANS. I haven’t declared my sub-plan.  When do I do it?  

  • You will be asked to do it when you are submitting your 4th year course pre-selection.

 RESEARCH PROJECTS (499 or BCHM 421/422) I have a supervisor.  What do I do?

  • BCHM:  Please send an email to biochem@queensu.cawhen you have reached an agreement with a supervisor.
  • LISC: Please send an email to with your name, student number, supervisor, and which 499 project it will be (i.e. ANAT, EPID, CANC, MICR, NSCI, PATH, PHAR, PHGY).



I am going into 3rd year and not sure if my courses will be pre-loaded or not.

  • BCHM:  You are responsible to add your third year courses.
  • LISC SSP:  You are responsible to add your third year courses.  You need to ensure you choose the proper BCHM courses for the Sub-Plan you want to be in (ie. BCHM 310 or BCHM 315/316).  If you are not sure, then you should choose BCHM 310 to keep all your options open.

When can I switch from SSP to MAJ or MAJ to SSP?

  • Change of Plan happens beginning May 27th until July 10th
  • BCHM:  All students remain as a MAJ until a decision is made in 4th year and a research project is secured.

Can I go on exchange and stay in SSP?

  • Yes.  You can go on exchange as an SSP student. 
  • LISC:  The only impediment is if you cannot find an equivalent to BCHM 310 then you can only be in the sub-plan of Biomedical Sciences.  All other sub-plans require BCHM 310.

I am going on exchange.  What do I do?

  • First Step: Email or the following information:  name, student number, university you plan to attend, which term and/or terms you will be away.
  • Second Step: The Life Sciences and Biochemistry Program office will send you what courses have been previously assessed and their equivalency.  This is a good starting point for determining if your approved exchange school has compatible courses that will work for your plan requirements.
  • Third Step:  The IPO has  information on possible elective courses that have been approved for Queen’s equivalency, listed by country and partner exchange university on their website:     
  • Fourth Step:  If there are other science courses that you are hoping to take on exchange, it is the student’s responsibility to provide a full electronic course outline (please do not just send a link) to our office for review.  This information will be added to our data base and will assist other students planning on going on exchange (this year or in future). 
  • Fifth Step: Confirm to our office by email all the courses that you plan to take on exchange with your understanding of how they will transfer back. 
  • Upon return from exchange:  Only if there are issues and concerns about your fourth year courses after your exchange, please arrange to set up a meeting with Dr. Winn, Associate Dean and Life Sciences. 

 BIOL 205 - I did not take BIOL 205.  Do I still need to take it?

  • If you became a LISC or BCHM student before September 2016 you are required to complete BIOL 205 for your degree.

How do I find a tutor?

  • Send an email to or and tell us which course you require a tutor.  We will send you a list of graduate students who are willing to tutor.  You contact the tutor and discuss your needs and come to an agreement on payment.

I wish to have something put into the weekly update.  What do I do?

  • Send your request as a paragraph to either or   We DO NOT send attachments with the weekly update.  Please have your request in by 9:00 am on Monday mornings.