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Incoming Direct-Entry Students

Welcome first year direct entry Life Sciences and Biochemistry Students!

Below you will find information about course planning and what to expect in your first year as a direct-entry student in the Life Sciences and Biochemistry program.

Questions about how to enroll in your first-year courses?

Attend the SOAR (Summer Orientation to Academics and Resources) Session on mid-July –this will be for the Life Sciences and Biochemistry students. We will be sending a meeting link and updates to your Queen’s email shortly.

Helpful information about your courses also available on our website and are included below:

Key Registration Dates:

Mid-July – Orientation session (details will follow)

July 17th – Log into your student centre on SOLUS on or after July 17th to find out your exact enrollment appointment time

July 25th – Start enrolling in your first year Life Sciences and Biochemistry science option and electives courses. Registration guide available on the link below




You WILL BE ENROLLED by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences team, in your first year required/core courses prior to your registration enrolment time.

Incoming Direct-Entry Students

First Year Core Courses for Life Sciences and Biochemistry Honours Students are as follow:

  • BIOL 102/3.0 (core fall term), 
  • CHEM 112/6.0 (core full year course) – REQUIRED cannot be deferred.
  • MATH 130/3.0 (core fall term),
  • BIOL 103/3.0 (core winter term course), 
  • CISC 151/3.0 (core winter term half year course)
  • PHYS 115/3.0 (core fall term), this half year course that can be taken after first year or you can enroll in a full year Physics course as an upper year student).  The SOAR session on July 13th will clarify this.

In addition, you will have the choice of enrolling in either BCHM 102/3.0 or PATH 120/3.0 option courses for your plan (you must enroll yourself in one of these two courses)

BCHM 102/3.0 course description

PATH 120/3.0 course description

Electives for First Year Students:

In terms of electives, the Faculty of Arts and Science digital calendar provides a list of courses under search courses You will have room in your schedule for either one 6.0-unit elective or two 3.0-unit electives.

Courses in Art, Languages, Film, Gender Studies, Health Studies, History, Environmental Sciences, Psychology, Religion, etc. can be taken. Your electives can be taken from all areas offered through the Faculty of Arts and Science and will need to “fit” into your schedule but can be freely chosen by you.

First-Year Registration Information Guide:

The Faculty of Arts and Science Registration Information Guide that will be of assistance to you.   The Faculty Office will be providing additional information for you about registration and your first-year timetable.


Degree Program Outlined in the E-Calendar:

The Life Sciences and Biochemistry Honours plan information is outlined here


Contact office by email  using your Queen’s email and include your student number.