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421/422 Projects

Positions for the 2018-19 Academic Year are now complete.  This page will be updated in December for those in third year beginning September 2018.

SSP Project/Supervisor Selection:

Step 1: You will find all projects listed on our website beginning Dec. 21, 2017. You will have an opportunity to go through them over the holidays to see where your interest is. Once you return in January you are encouraged to meet with faculty if you have questions about the lab and research project.  It is not mandatory to meet with faculty and faculty will not be able to guarantee you will be selected to their lab.

Step 2: You can go to this document ( to rank your top three selections. The document will open on January 2, 2018 and close at noon on January 31, 2018. We will endeavor to do our best to give you one of your choices.

Step 3: You will know by February 9, 2018 who your supervisor will be and which project you will be working on.

Step 4: Once final marks in May have been received we will ensure that everyone meets the requirements to be in BCHM 421 and BCHM 422. PREREQUISITE: Level 4 and (registration in a BCHM Specialization Plan) and (a GPA of 2.9 in BCHM 313/3.0, BCHM 315/3.0, BCHM 316/3.0, BCHM 317/6.0, BCHM 218/3.0). Final approval will be complete by May 8, 2018.

Participating Faculty 2018-2019:



Allingham, John Understanding and targeting kinesin motors in invasive human fungal pathogens

Chan, Edmond Regulation of mitochondria fusion machinery by nutrient stress

Côté, Graham Functional and structural studies on the α-kinase family of protein kinases

Craig, Andrew Defining targets of tumour suppressor microRNAs in malignant melanoma

Davies, Peter #1 Discovery of new ligand-binding domains in bacterial adhesins

Davies, Peter #2 Discovery and characterization of new antifreeze proteins

Davies, Peter #3 Engineering bacterial adhesins to have new binding affinities

Davies, Peter #4 Structure, function and inhibition of the calcium-activated calpain-3 protease

Funk, Colin Arginase in Health and Disease

Ghasemlou, NaderProfiling circadian rhythms in sensory neurons

Jia, Zongchao #1 Structure and functional characterization of eukaryotic elongation factor 2 kinase

Jia, Zongchao #2 Structure-based disruption of Type 2 secretion system of Pseudomonas aeruginosa for development of antibiotics

Lillicrap, David Extracellular role of the von Willebrand factor propeptide in Hemostasis

Mueller, Christopher #1 A blood test for Lung Cancer

Mueller, Christopher #2 A blood test for Pancreatic Cancer

Ormiston, Mark High throughput screening of inhibitory peptides targeting the interaction of BMP9 with the Activin type II receptor

Petitjean, Anne Refining guanine quadruplex binders

Petrof, Elaine TBD

Plaxton, William Plant Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Ross, Avena Isolation and Investigation fo the Biosynthesis of Natural Products from marine bacteria

Smith, Steven Structural and functional analyses of transcriptional networks associated with B-cell development and cancer

Smith, Steven #2 Engineering designer enzyme complexes for directed production of biomass-based high-value chemicals

Snedden, Wayne Investigating calcium signal transduction in plants

Walia, Jagdeep Assessing the role of GM2A antagonism in causation of atherosclerosis

Zechel, David #1 The mechanisms and substrate specificities of the phosphonate degrading enzymes PhnY and PhnZ

Zechel, David #2 Biosynthesis of a Fluorinated Natural Product in Streptomyces calvus