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421/422 Projects

SSP Project/Supervisor Selection:

Step 1: You will find all projects listed on our website beginning December 16, 2022. You will have an opportunity to go through them over the holidays to see where your interest is. 

Step 2: Once you return in January, you should arrange to meet with potential supervisors to ask questions about the lab and research project.  (Please note: Supervisors would not be able to guarantee during the discussions that you would be selected into their lab).

Step 3: You can go to this document: LINK TBA to rank your top three selections. The document will open on January 5, 2023 and close at 4pm on January 27, 2023. We will endeavor to do our best to give you one of your choices. Please only submit your choices once.

Step 4: In the case where more than one person have listed the same supervisor for 1st choices, the supervisor will be given the opportunity to choose. Keep in mind that there is no guarantees or promises given to students in advance of our decision. You will know by February 17, 2023,  who your supervisor will be and which project you will be working on.

Step 5: Once final marks in May have been received we will ensure that everyone meets the requirements to be in BCHM 421 and BCHM 422.

PREREQUISITE: Level 4 and (registration in a BCHM Specialization Plan) and (a cumulative GPA of 2.9 in BCHM 313/3.0, BCHM 315/3.0, BCHM 316/3.0, BCHM 317/6.0, BCHM 218/3.0). 

Participating Faculty 2022-2023


Allingham, John - Dissection of the ATPase cycle of kinesin-8 at the microtubule plus end

Capicciotti, Chantelle - Investigating Cellular Glyco-Engineering with Sialytransferases

Chan, EdmondTargeting Mitochondrial fusion in cancer cell metabolism and cell death regulation

Craig, Andrew - Developing a co-culture model for testing cancer immunotherapies targeting TGF-β and immune checkpoint inhibitors

Davies, Peter #1 - Structure-function relationships in ice-binding proteins

Davies, Peter #2 - Structure-function relationships in ice nucleation proteins

Davies, Peter #3Limb girdle muscular dystrophy mutations and calpain-3 protease binding to titin

Howe, Graeme - Identification and optimization of novel plastic degrading enzymes from thermophilic bacteria

Jia, Zongchao #1 - Polyphosphate in bacterial virulence and mammalian physiology

Jia, Zongchao #2 - Structural Investigations and Characterization of an Atypical Alpha-Kinase, Eukaryotic Elongation Factor 2 Kinase

Maurice, Donald #1 - The Primary Cilium: A Hyper-localized Compartment for cAMP Signaling-1

Maurice, Donald #2 - The Primary Cilium: A Hyper-localized Compartment for cAMP Signaling-2

Ormiston, MarkTracking bone morphogenetic protein signaling for the manipulation of blood vessel growth

Petkovich, MartinVitamin A regulation of skin barrier formation

Ross, Avena - Investigating the biosynthesis of tambjamine natural products

Snedden, Wayne - Investigating calcium signal transduction in plants