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Student Council


Incoming Co-Presidents:   

Trina Dykstra-Macpherson and Colleen Tordoff 




Co-Presidents: Aidan Booker and Marietta Konermann

Other positions will be confirmed in August:


Secretary:  Vacant at this time.

Graduate Student Rep: Vacant at this time.

4th Year Representatives: Vacant positions at this time.

3rd Year Representatives: Jesus Serrano Arevalo and Bella Rose

2nd Year Representatives:  Thomas Jarko and a vacant position.

Head of Academics:        Trina Dykstra-Macpherson

Academics Committee:     Yijia Meng and Colleen Tordoff

Head of Special Events:   Cameron Weatherill

Special Events Committee:  Laila Masalha and a vacant position.

Head of Marketing:        Maggie Lafreniere

Marketing Committee: Jenna Carter and a vacant position.