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Teaching & Learning

Faculty Development is also available to advise on your teaching and learning research projects.  We wish to support our faculty members in their research endeavours and can do so through a variety of avenues such as consultations, faculty development programming, educational initiatives grants, and through educational scholarship. To request support or inquire about potential collaborations on your teaching and learning research please email our office


Current Projects

Our team is currently engaged in several projects related to teaching and learning, and faculty development. Some of those projects include:

We have created an interactive digital collection that translates the TRC calls to action that relate to postsecondary healthcare education and practice for health professions students into strategies that can be implemented in meaningful, accessible, practical, and culturally appropriate ways within healthcare education and practice. Click here to view this resource.

This research explores students’ perspectives on inclusive education and identifies persona, practice, and partnership as key components of an inclusivity framework.

This project developed an educational, living-case based podcast (‘GeroCast’) as a means of presenting the lived experiences of older adults to physiotherapy students in a gerontology course.

Using the think‐aloud protocol, this study investigated strategies students use in solving anatomical multiple‐choice questions. 

This project consisted in developing a national, bilingual curriculum in chronic pain, opioid prescribing, and opioid use disorder.

The mastering debriefing project is a simulation-based exploration of 8 common health professions scenarios where they are interacting and have to simulate the debrief of patients and learners based on a video prompt.

This research examines the concept of burnout and workplace well-being.