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Educational Scholarship Resources

The Office of Professional Development & Educational Scholarship

The OPDES Educational Scholarship team is happy to support your research initiatives during any part of the research process—grant writing, data collection and analysis, and knowledge translation activities. We have a team of qualified methodologists who specialize in quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods research, as well as program evaluations and needs assessments. We also help to build capacity by mentoring learners in the Faculty of Health Sciences who are members of your research team by teaching them about research or evaluation processes. Our services include the following:

  • Helping you focus and develop your research purpose, objectives, and design
  • Developing your proposal
  • Pursuing funding for your research or program evaluation
  • Assisting with data collection
  • Assisting with data analysis
  • Supporting knowledge translation activities

We are more than happy to meet for a consultation to discuss how we can support your health education interests - contact us today.


Medical Education Conferences

  1. International Conferences
  • The International Conference on Residency Education (ICRE)
  • Association for Medical Education of Europe (AMEE)
  • World Summit on CBME
  • Consortium of Universities for Global Health (CUGH)
  • Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (STLHE)


  1. National Conferences
  • Canadian Conference on Medical Education (CCME)
  • Canadian Conference on Global Health (CCGH)
  • Global Health and Innovation Conference (GHIC)


  1. Hosted by Queen’s
  • SIM Summit
  • Cognitive Load Conference


Medical Education Funding Sources

  1. International
  • Spencer Foundation
  • AMEE Research Grant
  • Stemmler Medical Education Research Fund


  1. National
  • Canadian Institute for Health Research
  • Canadian Patient Safety Institute
  • CAME Health Professions Education Grants
    • Wooster Family Grant in Medical Education
    • Learner Health Professions Education Grant
    • Early Career Health Professions Education Grant
    • Faculty Health Professions Education Grant
  • AMS Phoenix Fellowship
  • RCPSC Medical Education Research Grant


  1. Provincial/Local
  • Southeastern Ontario Academic Medical Organization (SEAMO)
    • Endowed Scholarship and Education Fund
  • Clinical Teachers’ Association of Queen’s University (CTAQ) Research Endowment Fund
  • Physician’s Services Incorporated (PSI)
    • Health Research Grant (Clinical and Medical Education)
    • New Investigator Grant
  • Department of Medicine Innovation Fund
  • Centre for Studies in Primary Care One-Time Research Initiation Grant (RIG)
  • Maudsley Scholarship and Research Fund
  • Maudsley Fund in Medical Education



  • CAME Certificate of Merit Award
  • Faculty of Health Sciences Education Award