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What We Do

Overview of the Course Development Process

The Course Development team works with the content and vision you provide to create effective learning tools in the form of online modules. Grounded in backwards design pedagogy and a learner-centred approach to course development, we help you develop learning outcomes and project outlines to ensure a purpose-built course that promotes active learning. 


  • Learning Outcomes: Learners’ demonstration of clear, specific, and measurable skills, knowledge, behaviours, values, and attitudes.
  • Assessment: Measurement of learners’ expected knowledge, skills, behaviours, values and attitudes based on pre-established performance criteria.
  • Instructional Approaches: Engaging instruction promoting active learning and activities that equip and prepare learners to demonstrate expected skills knowledge, behaviours, values, and attitudes identified in learning outcomes.
  • Principles of Course Design: Backwards design, learner-centred approach, principles of constructive alignment, Instructional Design Models and Theory (Bloom’s Taxonomy, ADDIE, SAM).
  • Globalization of Learning: Inclusive education, student diversity, interculturalization of the curriculum, and teaching across cultures.


With your feedback, we collaborate to enhance learner engagement within your content through various interactivities, multimedia, and formative learning opportunities. Throughout the entire development process, your input is used to create a customized educational experience that is representative of your overarching goals.

Take a Look at Our Work

Try our demo to experience the look and feel of a completed module. 

Module Demo