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Our Team

  Heather Braund
Health Education Researcher and Consultant
  Nicholas Cofie
Health Education Researcher and Consultant
  Nancy Dalgarno
Director of Educational Scholarship
  Amber Hastings Truelove
Health Education Researcher & Consultant
  Allyson James
Administrative Coordinator
  Jennifer Turnnidge
Health Education Research Associate

Research Assistants 

  • Shannon Hill, MEd, PhD(c), School of Rehabilitation Therapy, Queen’s University
  • Libby Alexander, MA, Queen’s University
  • Sareena McDonald, MSc Candidate, Department of Public Health Sciences, Queen’s University
  • Bryn Hoffman, 2ndYear Medical Student, Past OPDES Summer Intern, Queen’s University  
  • Ingrid de Vries, PhD Student, Faculty of Education, Queen’s University
  • Britney Lester, MEd, Canadian Frailty Network 
  • Nathan Katz, 3rd Year Medical Student, Past OPDES Summer Intern, Queen’s University 
  • Angela Coderre-Ball, PhD, Research Associate, Centre for Studies in Primary Care, Queen’s University 
  • Jessica Baumhour, MPH, Program Consultant, Ontario Ministry of Health


Work Study Students

  • Seaha Yoon

    Seaha Yoon is a first-year student in the Bachelor of Health Science (Honours) program at Queen's University. She has a passion for science and is very interested in pursuing a career in medicine. During her time in post-secondary education, she would love to improve upon her quantitative and qualitative research skills to prepare herself as she works towards her goal. At OPDES, Seaha has been presented with a wide scope of opportunities that have allowed her to learn about eye-opening topics. Seaha looks forward to seeing how current projects proceed and is always open to getting involved in many more in the future.

  • Rahma Osman

    Rahma Osman is Student Associate with the Office of Professional Development and Educational Scholarship (OPDES). She is currently a first-year student in the Bachelor of Health Sciences program at Queens and has strong interests in global health and research.