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What We Do

Photo of the OPDES Educational Scholarship Team

(Missing from photo: Dr. Oluwatoyosi Kuforiji)

The OPDES Educational Scholarship team is happy to support your research initiatives during any part of the research process—grant writing, data collection and analysis, and knowledge translation activities. We have a team of qualified methodologists who specialize in quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods research, as well as program evaluations and needs assessments. We also help to build capacity by mentoring learners in the Faculty of Health Sciences who are members of your research team by teaching them about research or evaluation processes. Our services include the following:

  • Helping you focus and develop your research purpose, objectives, and design
  • Developing your proposal
  • Pursuing funding for your research or program evaluation
  • Assisting with data collection
  • Assisting with data analysis
  • Supporting knowledge translation activities

We are more than happy to meet for a consultation to discuss how we can support you health education interests - contact us today.

Our Scholarly Work

In 2020-21 we:

  • Co-authored 18 journal publications
  • Collaborated on 25 conference presentations/workshops and webinars
  • Were co-investigators on 23 successful grants and RFPs
  • Collaborated and consulted with 100 investigators and 8 interdisciplinary teams
  • For a full list of our peer-reviewed journal publications, conference presentations, and successful grants, please see the OPDES 2020-2021 Year in Review report

View the OPDES 2020-21 Year in Review.