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Indigenous Healthcare Education and Practice: Applying Digital Teaching and Learning Resources to the TRC’s Calls to Action

part of Jaylene Cardinal's painting The Indigenous Ways of Healing

A Community-Led and Community-Informed Collaborative Initiative

Guided by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s (TRC) Calls to Action on healthcare education and drawing on notions of cultural safety, decolonization, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Indigeneity (EDII), the aim of this project was to create an interactive digital collection that translates the TRC’s Calls to Action into strategies that can be implemented in meaningful, accessible, practical, and culturally appropriate ways within healthcare education and practice. The educational resource is designed for healthcare learners to provide them with strategies for applying the content in their educational study and future healthcare practice.


The seven themes of this work include:


1 - Historical Perspectives of Indigenous Peoples in Canada
2 - Biases, Racism, and Discrimination in Healthcare
3 - Indigenous Ways of Knowing and Healthcare
4 - Healthcare Rights
5 - Healthcare Services
6 - Culturally Safe Healthcare
7 - Intersections Between Education and Healthcare


The resources include seven online modules, seven pieces of Indigenous artwork that relate to the seven themes, and supplementary material which includes a glossary of terms and digital resources. 


You are invited to view the educational resources by clicking the images below, or you can click here to view the full report.

Indigenous Artwork: Perspectives on Indigenous Healthcare and Education

The Indigenous artwork module includes a biography of each author, the image of the artwork, a written description of the work, and in some cases a video of the artist describing their art.

Jaylene Cardinal

Jaylene Cardinal

"The Indigenous Ways of Healing"

Jamaica Cass

Jamaica Cass

"Mind, Body, Spirit" 

"A Colourful Mind"

Michael “Cy” Cywink

Michael “Cy” Cywink

"It is What it is"

Christarr Smillie

Christarr Smillie

"Intergenerational Healing"

Supplementary Materials

These resources were developed to complement the “Indigenous Healthcare Education and Practice: A Community-Led and Community-Informed Collaborative Initiative” module series.

This project is made possible with funding by the Government of Ontario and through eCampusOntario’s support of the Virtual Learning Strategy. To learn more about the Virtual Learning Strategy visit the eCampus Ontario website.

Queen's University Health Sciences; NOSM EMNO; eCampus Ontario