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Independent Project Courses - LISC 594/3.0 and LISC 595/6.0:

Exceptionally qualified Life Sciences Major students entering their 4th year may do an Independent Study provided approval by both the Director of Life Sciences and the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies (life Sciences, Biochemistry and the Bachelor of Health Sciences).

Independent Project supervisors are usually faculty associated with the following departments: 

Biomedical and Molecular Sciences

Pathology and Molecular Medicine

Public Health Sciences

Centre for Neuroscience


Note: sometimes students will go outside of the departments listed above, but they will require approval by emailing

Application form for the Life Sciences Independent Study can be found below:

Independent Study Application Form

Please note that the supervisors of the Independent Projects will need to forward the final grade to the Life Sciences and Biochemistry Program Office at: for posting prior to the Faculty of Arts and Science grade deadline.