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Life Sciences

The Life Sciences program at Queen’s University is one of the largest Bachelor of Science degree plans on campus. It is in high demand by students who wish to pursue careers in biomedical research and health care.

A distinctive feature of this program is the unique blend of disciplines represented by basic and applied biomedical sciences offered by faculty in the departments of Biomedical and Molecular Sciences, Pathology and Molecular Medicine and Public Health Sciences. Moreover, this program works in collaboration with the Cancer Research Institute, the Centre for Neuroscience Studies, and the Cardiac, Circulation and Respiratory Group.

Altogether, the Life Sciences program offers its students a range of traditional biomedical disciplines (e.g., anatomical, epidemiological, immunological, microbiological, pathological, pharmacological, and physiological sciences), as well as educational streams dedicated to contemporary trans-disciplinary themes in cardiovascular and respiratory sciences, drug development and human toxicology, cancer biology and genetics, and neuroscience.