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Please see below the frequently asked program-related questions. For admissions-related questions, please click here.

Yes, the majority of courses are held weekly on interactive videoconferencing software. You are required to sign into class once a week for 2.5-3 hours. There are two (2) in-person intensive weeks in the program; students normally attend one intensive week in September and one in January of the first year of the program.

The average graduate course takes approximately 9-12 hours of reading/preparation each week. Depending on how fast you read and comprehend the information, this time may vary. Following the intensive weeks subsequent classes will be conducted virtually and are usually offered every week (alternating between the two courses).

Yes, the program runs year-round for four (4) years. Following successful completion of the comprehensive exam in the Fall term of year two, students develop and defend a thesis proposal and then proceed to ethics review, data collection, analysis, and synthesis. 

No. This program is a full-time online program with no option to accelerate.

Financial support to students admitted to the PhDHQ program may be offered based on demonstration of financial need. Funding packages for graduate students can be used to pay tuition fees, travel, living expenses, books, and costs associated with the internship. All eligible students who declare that they require financial assistance on their application will be automatically put forward for funding. HQ Programs remains committed to covering the cost of tuition for doctoral students. Doctoral applicants are also expected to pursue external scholarship and grant opportunities, if available.

HQ Programs is committed to covering the cost of tuition for all students. There is no application required for the Queen's Graduate Award and eligible students will be automatically nominated for internal scholarship competitions. Please note that doctoral applicants are expected to pursue external scholarship and grant opportunities and this is a requirement of some internal scholarship competitions. You and your supervisors should discuss awards opportunities and work together on preparing applications.

Students are not required to hold a TA position, but most students complete at least one teaching assistantship (TA) per year as part of their funding package. If you decide not to take the TA position it will reduce your funding package. Students who declare financial need are expected to apply for TA positions and will be given preference.

Students are responsible for their own travel, meals, and accommodations for the intensive weeks.

The MScHQ degree is not a prerequisite for the PhDHQ. Applicants who have a project based or thesis based research master’s degree in health, health-related law, business, architecture, or engineering will be eligible to apply for admission. Potential applicants who have course-based master’s degrees in other disciplines would be encouraged to discuss the suitability of the degree with the Associate Director (Health Quality Programs) prior to applying. Please contact if you wish to be connected with our Associate Director.

Your internship location can be in your geographical locations and should suit your interests. The internship is intended to expand the knowledge of an individual student and so we would not encourage an internship in the place where you work. If the internship is at your place of work, it must be a different scope than your current position. More information regarding internships will be distributed during the first intensive week.