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Tuition and fees are subject to change by the Queen's University Board of Trustees. For up-to-date fees and payment schedules, refer to the Queen’s University Registrar’s Office Tuition and Fees website. The PhDHQ tuition information is filtered under the main School of Graduate Studies header as "Doctoral Programs."

Domestic Students*

2019-20 Tuition
$7,108.34 CAD

International Students

2019-20 Tuition
$14,898.80 CAD

*Canadian citizens, Permanent Residents/Landed Immigrants, Residents, Native Persons, and Exempt International Students.

At Queen's University, PhDHQ students will receive a guaranteed minimum funding package of $18,000 CAD* in the first year of their studies. In years two (2) to four (4), PhDHQ students are eligible for a minimum of $10,000 CAD per year. Funding packages are for full-time doctoral students and require students to remain in good academic standing. The funding package is typically comprised of a combination of internal and external awards as well as Teaching and Research Assistantships, if applicable.

In addition to the guaranteed minimum funding each year, eligible international doctoral students will also receive the "International Tuition Award" (or equivalent) valued at $5,000 CAD. This tuition differential aids fees paid by international students to be reduced to (almost) equivalent to domestic tuition. For more information, you can read about it here under the drop down "International Students."

*Funding packages for graduate students can be used to pay tuition fees, travel, living expenses, books, and costs associated with the internship.

All questions pertaining to tuition and fees should be directed to the Queen’s University Registrar's Office at or by phone at (613) 533-2040.