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Tuition and fees are subject to change by the Queen's University Board of Trustees. For up-to-date fees and payment schedules, refer to the Queen’s University Registrar’s Office Tuition and Fees website. The PhDHQ tuition information is filtered under the main School of Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs header as "Doctoral Programs."

2022-23 Annual Tuition


*Does not include Student Assistance Levy and Student Activity Fees (some are optional). Due to the online nature of the program, PhDHQ students are eligible to request a transfer to off-campus status, in order to be exempt from Student Activity Fees. Note: for international students there is a separate opt-out process for the UHIP health coverage.

HQ Programs remains committed to covering the cost of tuition for all students. All eligible students who declare that they require financial assistance on their application will be automatically put forward for funding. The exact amount of financial support given to doctoral students admitted to the PhDHQ program is offered based on demonstration of financial need.

Funding packages for graduate students can be used to pay tuition fees, travel, living expenses, books, and costs associated with the internship. For other funding/scholarship opportunities please visit the School of Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs website here. All HQ doctoral students are expected to pursue external scholarship and grant opportunities.

All questions pertaining to tuition and fees should be directed to the Queen’s University Registrar's Office at or by phone at (613) 533-2040.