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The Health Quality Programs specialize in linking theory and practice in health quality, risk, and safety. We offer interdisciplinary courses, led by leaders in their fields, valuable international experience and convenient distance learning. Unparalleled in scope, the Master of Science in Healthcare Quality (MScHQ) and Doctor of Philosophy in Health Quality (PhDHQ) address the growing need for interactions across disciplines, professions and communities. Join us on the forefront of improving health quality, risk, and safety in Canada and worldwide.

We promote, innovate and disseminate the theoretical and practical core concepts of health quality, risk, and safety. In the Health Quality Programs, learners engage in the study and application of these core concepts that will enhance their understanding of quality improvement, risk reduction, and tools to promote safety within the healthcare system. Learners learn to systematically examine and evaluate current tools and approaches for healthcare and system improvements.



In 2012, the Master of Science in Healthcare Quality (MScHQ) was launched at Queen’s University with an enrollment of 20 students. In 2018, the Doctor of Philosophy in Health Quality (PhDHQ) was launched at Queen’s University.  A core value of these programs is our interdisciplinary approach reflected in the professional backgrounds of our students and faculty (e.g., engineering, law, medicine, nursing and pharmacy). Currently, we have more than 115 students enrolled in the 2018-19 academic year from across Canada and around the world.

We recognize that the sciences of quality, risk and safety are advancing and, as a program, we have a key role in this advancement both in the continued evolution of our program and the education of our students. Our goal is to advance the healthcare quality agenda and prepare leaders that will be at the forefront in both the global advancement of the science and practice of healthcare quality. We are committed to providing our learners with the optimal program that is based on the best available evidence to enable us to lead transformational change within the health system.