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Dual Degree MBA + MScHQ

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Our MScHQ and MBA dual degree is the only program in Canada, offered by the Smith School of Business in conjunction with Health Quality Programs to address the growing need for interactions across disciplines, professions and communities. This combined program is designed to develop healthcare providers and healthcare administrators who have a deeper understanding of the business of healthcare and to provide innovative solutions to the challenges that will face healthcare in the foreseeable future.

Students enrolled in the MBA and MScHQ dual degree program take both programs simultaneously. Students finish the dual degree program in 16 months by completing the first degree (MBA) from January to December and then completing the second degree from May to April (MScHQ). Convocation for both programs will occur in May.

The MScHQ portion of the program is predominantly online with the exception of two (2) intensive weeks in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Typically, students will attend one (1) week in each year of the program. However, dual degree students attend both intensive weeks in the same year, usually with the courses occurring continuously in the same month.

Lauren Harmanmaa

Queen's University MBA/MScHQ Graduate 2017

"While the MBA has allowed me to develop skills in areas such as change management, value creation, financial management and analytical decision making, the MScHQ has fostered my understanding of quality, risk and safety in healthcare. Together, the MBA and MScHQ have allowed me to develop a vast network both within and outside of healthcare and have provided me with a unique perspective of the healthcare industry."

Nicole Magda
Queen's University MBA/MScHQ Graduate 2018 

"Both from a networking and educational perspective, the dual degree opened my horizons and provided invaluable opportunities for personal development. While the MBA afforded me the chance to foster my business acumen in areas such as analytical decision making, entrepreneurship, and project management, the MScHQ furthered my knowledge in the areas of quality, risk and safety in healthcare. Together, the MBA and MScHQ have set me up for an impactful and exciting career in healthcare."