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Dual Degree FAQs

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Dual Degree FAQs         

If you don't get accepted into one of the programs, you will not be considered as enrolled in the "dual degree" but rather enrolled in either the MScHQ or MBA program individually. We do take into consideration an acceptance into the MBA program when reviewing a dual degree application for the MScHQ program.

You will need to attend both intensive weeks in the same year however they will occur consecutively. For more information on intensive week dates please see our MScHQ page here  

Students enrolled in the MBA & MScHQ dual degree program take both programs simultaneously. Students complete the first degree (MBA) from January until December and the the second degree (MScHQ) from May until April. Convocation for both programs will occur in May. You will only need to complete four (4) courses from the MScHQ program when enrolled in the dual degree program (which are HQRS 847, HQRS 840, HQRS 846 and HQRS 844).

The MScHQ portion of the program is predominantly online with the exception of two (2) intensive weeks in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. The Full-Time MBA program is a 12 month, residential program located in Kingston, Ontario. For information on the MBA program, you will need to contact Jennifer McGann <>

Convocations for both programs will occur in May. You will have the choice of convocating in the MBA ceremony or the MScHQ ceremony. Graduates will be hooded with a special dual degree hood.

You will need to apply to both the MBA and MScHQ program separately. On the MScHQ application, you must indicate that you are either entering the MScHQ as an MBA student or intend to complete the dual degree program.

In order to be eligible for our MScHQ program, you should have a minimum of a B average (73%) in you undergraduate degree from an accredited baccalaureate granting university with a preferred degree in healthcare discipline, law, business, engineering or policy studies. You must also have an undergraduate course in statistics and evidence of an understanding of research methodology and/or quality improvement experience.

For the School of Graduate Studies application, click here, and for more information on the MScHQ program and how to apply, click here.