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Queen’s Health Services Research Institute has over 30 core and affiliated researchers with extensive experience conducting complex analyses and ensuring findings are interpretable and usable.  The Institute houses ICES Queen’s site, formally the Institute of Clinical and Evaluative Science and includes researchers and data analysts with expertise in managing and manipulating large administrative and EMR data sets.

We can bring together a unique team of researchers, evaluators and expert panelists to answer research and evaluation questions and inform clinical practice. The team would be comprised of a unique mix of expert researchers from multidisciplinary perspectives including Medicine, Rehabilitation, Nursing and Public Health. Our teams have extensive methodological expertise using qualitative and quantitative data.

Our team is ready to quickly mobilize and ready to assist you in supporting health care and senior care.

For more information on how HSPRI may be able to assist you, please contact:

Catherine Donnelly

Director, HSPRI