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Queen's Health Sciences- Radical Collaboration 2026 - Strategic Plan

Guiding Principles

Equity, diversity, inclusion, Indigeneity, and accessibility

Interprofessional and

Authentic focus on what
communities need

Excellence in research,
education and service

Physical space, resources and supports to enable our work

Strategic Priorities

Green hexagon with text Interdisciplinary Research

Interdisciplinary Research

Leverage our unique interdisciplinary strength to discover and share solutions to the world’s most pressing questions in the health sciences.

  • Intensify and incentivize collaboration to foster knowledge translation and interdisciplinary research
  • Improve the organization and efficiency of existing research resources
  • Instill a shared sense of purpose around solving pressing big questions about human health

Five-year outcome

Reach $200M per year in sponsored research (50% increase from 2020 results)

Blue hexagon with text Intergrated health sciences education

Integrated Health Sciences Education

Create an unprecedented focus on interdisciplinary education that includes shared curricula and team-based learning and develops practitioners and scientists who can work and lead anywhere

  • Develop cross-program and interdisciplinary experiences that integrate Schools, programs and other learning environments that enhance learning and build competency
  • Develop community-integrated education opportunities that enable learners to develop capacity to practice in diverse environments while also meeting community health needs
  • Foster a culture of mutual respect, exploration and experience before learners commit to professions or specialties

Five-year outcome

20% of curriculum in programs is interdisciplinary

Yellow hexagon with text Clinical Impact in the Community and Beyond

Clinical Impact in the Community and Beyond

Partner to create a regional approach to academic health sciences with excellent clinical care that responds to community needs.

  • Expand partnerships across the region to improve access to care and specialists
  • Enable learners to develop skills and knowledge in diverse contexts, with opportunities for placements in learners’ home communities
  • Develop clinical, research, and education projects that respond to community needs


Five-year outcome

At least two major partnership expansions

Purple hexagon with text Commitment to Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, Indigeneity and Accessibility (EDIIA)

Commitment to Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, Indigeneity and Accessibility (EDIIA)

Transform internal structures for accessibility, inclusivity and belonging while embedding equity, inclusion and anti-racism into education, research and care.

  • Embed EDIIA principles into our culture, research, and education in all dimensions, to create a culturally safe, inclusive environment
  • Foster continual learning and unlearning among learners, staff and faculty
  • Develop learners who provide equitable, culturally safe care, and scientists who do research that is informed by EDIIA principles to enable better care and outcomes for all


Five-year outcome

Profile of students, staff, and faculty matches that of the population

Red hexagon with text Nurturing Culture and Thriving People

Nurturing Culture and Thriving People

Create a nourishing, supportive environment for learners, staff, faculty and partners so that we can be and work at our best.

  • Build and renovate physical spaces that support radical collaboration
  • Grow a culture of collaboration, support and community that actively prioritizes student, staff and faculty wellness and fosters engagement
  • Amplify our focus on lifelong learning and professional development to sharpen our research, education and clinical excellence


Five-year outcome

QHS spaces and programs are accessible and inclusive for everyone

Radical Collaboration
for a Healthier World