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Recruit for a General Staff (GS) or Research, Grant & Contract Staff (RGC) Position

For guidance on initiating the recruitment process to fill a staff position, including how to use the CareerQ system and the electronic approval process, review the resources available on the Human Resources Management tools page.

FHS Recruitment Approval Processes

Securing electronic approvals by completing the Staffing Request Form (SRF) in CareerQ is required prior to recruiting to for a staff position. Multiple approvals are required and vary depending on the funding sources and the position. Use the proper approval chain below for your vacancy to minimize delays in approval.

10000, 15000 or 95000 fund Approval Chain

For existing vacant positions that are listed in the departmental budget kit (and fully approved) where no grade increase is anticipated.

  1. Department Head/Director
  2. FHS HR - crystal.tripple@queensu.ca
  3. Finance (SOM Finance, SEAMO Finance, SRT Finance or SON Finance) *
  4. Central Budget Office - Not required for 95000 funded positions

New positions or vacant positions where a grade increase is anticipated, the following additional steps are required:

  • Send email with rationale for the additional position/grade increase to Denis Bourguignon, CFAO, FHS c/o Allison Leverette ( allison.leverette@queensu.ca ), EA to the CFAO.
  • Complete the SRF using the approval chain above and add Denis Bourguignon, CFAO ( denis.bourguignon@queensu.ca ) to the approval chain after the Department Head/Director.
  • Indicate in the comments section of the SRF that the rationale for the request has been submitted to the CFAO for approval.

30000, 31000, 50000, 60000, 70000, & 80000 fund Approval Chain

Use the following approval chain for vacant/new positions funded by the above source.

  1. Department Head/Director/Principal Investigator
  2. FHS HR – Crystal Tripple <ct82@queensu.ca>
  3. Finance (SOM Finance, SRT Finance or SON Finance) – *contact email below

FHS Position Re-evaluation Approval Process – Positions with an incumbent

Requests for re-evaluation of a staff position from FHS Department Heads/Managers must follow the process below:

  • Review the position re-evaluation resources on the Human Resources website and complete the position Re-evaluation form.
  • Submit the form along with all the required documentation to Denis Bourguignon, CFAO, FHS c/0 Allison Leverette ( allison.leverette@queensu.ca ), EA to the CFAO.
  • Once approved, the CFAO’s office will submit the re-evaluation request Human Resources.

School of Medicine Finance – mdm8@queensu.ca
School of Nursing Finance – derek.conlon@queensu.ca
School of Rehabilitation Therapy Finance - sharon.david@queensu.ca
SEAMO Finance – laa@queensu.ca

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