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Student Placement Opportunities

If you're interested in rural Ontario observerships or electives, please follow the ROMP application guidelines. 

Clerkship and resident electives may be available at various sites in the Northwest Territories and the Yukon. Please refer to the following websites for site information, contacts and bursary applications. 
Yukon Medical Association
Northwest Territories Health and Social Services Careers

In addition to the feedback on the placement database please check out these archived reviews for informational purposes only.

Excel spreadsheet with Information of various other placements affiliated with Canadian universities. **Last updated in 2013 - placements are not pre-approved by the Office of Global Health**

Student feedback from electives completed between 2010-2012. 
** Detailed feedback from students who completed placements during the summer of 2012**
Excel spreadsheet detailing all previous student placements, including summer 2012

Argentina (2011)
Malaysia (2011)
Ghana (2011)

IFMSA/CFMS Exchange:
Jordan (2011)
Peru (2010)

Kenya (Caring Partners Global, Matangwe):
Kenya 1 (2010)
Kenya 2 (2010)
Kenya 3 (2010)
Kenya 4 (2011)
Kenya 5 (2011)
Kenya 6 (2011)
Kenya 8 (2011)

Kenya (Aga Khan University & Hospital):
Kenya Aga Khan (2011)

Peru (Solidarity Experiences Abroad):
Peru 1 (2010)
Peru 2 (2011)
Peru 3 (2011)
Peru 4 (2011)
Peru 5 (2011)
Peru 6 (2011)
Peru 7 (2011)

Peru (Nexos):
Peru Nexos 

Tanzania (Pamoja Tunaweza):
Tanzania 3 (2010)