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Centres, Labs & Teaching Spaces

Clinical Simulation Centre (CSC)

With the rapid development of virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence, 3D printing and advanced haptics, simulation is about to take a tremendous leap forward. The Clinical Simulation Centre at the Queen’s University evaluates emerging technologies and leverages their potential to advance the use of simulation. The goal – more effective, more efficient learning.

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Experiential Learning Program (HscELP)

The Health Sciences Experiential Learning Program(HscELP) provides hands-on learning opportunities at all educational and training levels and can be widely used in any organization. Our HscELP participants allow students & professionals the opportunity to practice these skills in safe, structured, & supervised settings before they encounter real situations.

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School of Medicine Building - Room Reservation Services

The Medical School building, located at 15 Arch Street, is the home base for Undergraduate Medical Education students and houses lecture spaces, group rooms, labs and video conferencing services available for booking.

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