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Office of Professional Development and Educational Scholarship

An Integration of Health Sciences Education Offices

Guest blog by Dr. Leslie Flynn, Vice-Dean of Education, Faculty of Health Sciences

After careful planning and discussion of opportunities to improve delivery of educational programs, we are pleased to share news of an integrated office in Health Sciences – the Office of Professional Development and Educational Scholarship. One common administrative structure will leverage the strengths and expertise of four former offices within Health Sciences, including the Office of Health Sciences Education, the Office of Global Health, the Office of Faculty Development, and the Office of Continuing Professional Development.

The amalgamation is the result of a two-year strategic planning process undertaken to map the landscape for the new structure. Senior members of the office and faculty were engaged in this planning process, though they have since transitioned the process to the office team to continue the work of operationalizing the change.

“We are excited for the potential that this change will bring,” says Dr. Richard van Wylick, Interim Associate Dean of Continuing Professional Development and Director of Faculty Development. “We now can more easily align our teams of experts on projects, and expect to achieve more success with this group of dedicated and high-performing people.”

The Office of Professional Development and Educational Scholarship will work collaboratively through an inter-professional approach to meet the needs of learners, educators, scholars, and practitioners. The integrated office will continue to offer services in the core areas of Education Science, Global Health, Faculty Development, Continuing Professional Development.

As the office progresses with development of a new vision and mission, we will also embark on a formal process to engage stakeholders in the creation of a new official name and brand. Our team will operate under the temporary name of “Office of Professional Development and Educational Scholarship”, however we anticipate that a potential outcome of the stakeholder engagement process may be a new permanent name. Our office also looks forward to receiving guidance and direction from stakeholders with regard to external branding and marketing; the process will include a review and guidance for direction on the offices three active websites for Health Sciences Education, Global Health, and Continuing Professional Development.

This integration of four offices into one team is a positive change that will bring many benefits. These four offices have collaborated on projects and programs for a number of years, and their integration is simply a formalization of those existing relationships. With the integration, and with a new shared vision and mission, we expect the team to continue on their successful path with tremendous contributions to education for health care professions.

Bill Moore (Queen's Med '62)

Wed, 01/31/2018 - 15:04

Thanks Drs Richard R and Leslie F for this update on administrative changes within Health Sciences at Queen's. Any complex, growing organization often needs reappraisal of where it is and where it hopes to go. Integration of offices/functions, as described, should benefit administrators, faculty, staff, students and others. I wish all stakeholders success with these changes.

Bill Moore (Queen's Med '62)

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