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5,000 people leave the Canadian military each year; A PhD student looks at how they should be supported

When Ashley Williams’ brother left the military in 2015 after nine years of service, she witnessed the challenges he encountered with the transition to civilian life. Her brother, Shane, had been in the military since graduating high school. He left voluntarily to return home to Newfoundland. At the time, Ashley was working in Ontario as an occupational therapist with a family health team.

This Queen’s oncologist is moving mountains to improve cancer care

Mountains in NepalThe Himalayan country of Nepal has a population of 33 million. And yet there are  less than 20 medical oncologists in the country to treat the rising rates of cancer among the Nepalese people. If you compare that to Canada, there is quite a difference.

Signing off for the holidays

By far, the thing I am looking forward to most over the holidays is that Cheryl and I get to babysit Saul.

Here is the plan – and we think it’s a pretty fair trade. Joanna and Jordan are coming to Kingston to use our house as a bed and breakfast so that they can get a break from their demanding jobs as a civil litigator and immunologist. With our bed and breakfast comes a dinner at Chez Piggy and a hair appointment with the best hair stylist in the world, Fletcher Nelson at Chic.

Dean's Report : Faculty of Health Sciences 2018-2019

One of the things I really look forward to at this time of year is releasing the annual Dean’s Report. This report has come to be a tradition for the Faculty of Health Sciences, and it serves as reminder to pause and recognize all of the fantastic things we’ve achieved in the past year.

Dr. Richard Reznick

Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences, Queen's University

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