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Dr. Robert Connelly with Dr. Jagdeep Walia

Celebrating Career Milestones in the Faculty

On September 5th, we had one of my favourite annual events in the Faculty of Health Sciences: the Faculty Promotion Reception.  During this event, many of the Department Heads and I publically recognize our colleagues who have been promoted to the rank of Associate Professor or (Full) Professor. Celebrating these career milestones is important because it gives us, as a faculty, a chance to recognize the years of hard work and dedication that went into making these achievements possible. Getting promoted is no easy thing to do in the academy. You have to prove beyond a doubt that you have made significant and impactful scholarly contributions and that you are an effective teacher. Each of these roles is difficult enough on their own, and, together, they add up to the signature of a highly impactful academic.

Dr. Annette Hay with Dr. Stephen Archer
Dr. Annette Hay with Dr. Stephen Archer

For how demanding it is, such important work goes unsung too often, and that is why promotion is such a significant affirmation of all the contributions that faculty members have made to the university. When you’re promoted, that means that your colleagues and students value your accomplishments. When you’re promoted, you can be confident that you have become the academic that you aspire to be.

As special as it is, though, promotion itself might feel anticlimactic if it isn’t marked in some way by your colleagues. That’s why I make sure that we make a big deal out of it every year by gathering members of the faculty together in the David M.C. Walker atrium of the new medical building at Queen’s for refreshments and public remarks.


Dr. Tara Baetz with Dr. Nazik Hammad
Dr. Tara Baetz with Dr. Nazik Hammad

I was very pleased to see so many of our department heads speak with great admiration about the people being promoted within their departments. Public attestations of pride in each other’s work is so meaningful, especially, I think, for colleagues receiving their first promotion.

I wish I had the space to say things about each of our promotees individually, but I think I’ll have to settle for listing them below.



Dr. Robert Siemens with Dr. Michael Leveridge
Dr. Robert Siemens with Dr. Michael Leveridge

Promotions to Associate Professor

Dr. Randy Wax, Critical Care Medicine

Dr. Andrew Hall, Emergency Medicine

Dr. J. Gordon Boyd, Medicine

Dr. Jocelyn Garland, Medicine

Dr. Benedict Glover, Medicine

Dr. Annette Hay, Medicine

Dr. Khaled Shamseddin, Medicine

Dr. Benjamin Thomson, Medicine

Dr. Nazik Hammad, Oncology

Dr. Susan Brogly with Dr. John Rudan
Dr. Susan Brogly with Dr. John Rudan

Dr. Khaled Zaza, Oncology

Dr. Amy Acker, Paediatrics

Dr. Dawa Samdup, Paediatrics

Dr. Jagdeep Walia, Paediatrics

Dr. Susan Brogly, Surgery

Dr. Douglas Cook, Surgery

Dr. Mark Harrison, Surgery

Dr. Michael Leveridge, Urology


Promotions to Professor

Dr. Karen Smith with Dr. Stephen Bagg
Dr. Karen Smith with Dr. Stephen Bagg

Dr. Karen Smith, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Dr. Lindsay Davidson, Surgery


Congratulations to all of our recently promoted faculty members. I wish them all the best of luck as they begin a new phase of their careers, and I hope that you’ll join me in congratulating them yourselves, either in the comments here or the next time you see them around campus.

Bill Moore Med '62

Wed, 10/03/2018 - 19:46

Congratulations to all promoted Faculty members! Earning the esteem of your students and your scholarly accomplishments fully deserve this recognition. Keep up all you are doing for physicians of tomorrow and your research.

Bill Moore Med '62

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