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In solidarity with the Muslim community

The following communication was distributed to the Faculty of Health Sciences on Tuesday June 8, 2021

It is impossible to express adequately our shock and horror in response to the news of the mass murder in London on Sunday evening. The death of four family members who were targeted due to their Muslim faith is devastating and infuriating. The attack is a shocking reminder of the critical work that we have yet to do to expel this kind of unspeakable hatred from our society.

This tragedy has a direct impact on an individual in the FHS community who is related to the London family. With that in mind, I hope that you will join me in holding the family and loved ones of the victims in our thoughts during this terrible time. As we grapple with our own grief, let us show compassion and empathy to others, especially those in the Muslim community.

But we can’t stop there. This kind of hate cannot be tolerated; we must speak up against it. We must stand against Islamophobia and stand in solidarity with the Muslim community. I urge you to join me in committing to fighting Islamophobia and all forms of hate.

For those who are struggling in the wake of this news, or who are experiencing any kind of discrimination, I strongly encourage you to seek the supports that are available to you through the university’s Employee and Family Assistance Program and the Human Rights and Equity Office. Addressing these issues head-on is an important part of changing our culture in FHS and creating the safe, inclusive space that we all deserve.


Jane Philpott

Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences

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