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Dr. Michael Green

Dr. Michael Green named President-elect of the College of Family Physicians of Canada

Dr. Michael Green has been named the President-elect of the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC).  

Dr. Green is the Head of the Department of Family Medicine and a Professor in the Department of Public Health Sciences at Queen’s University. The announcement was made during the CFPC’s annual general meeting on November 2, 2022, which officially marks the beginning of Dr. Green’s one-year term in the role.  

“I am excited to have the opportunity to support our CFPC as it works to address several critical issues,” he says. “Among them, the need to reform our practice environments with teams and payment reform, modernize our approach to family medicine training, and address the crisis in access to family physicians.” 

A professional organization that represents more than 42,000 members across the country, the CFPC provides high-quality services, supports family medicine teaching and research, and advocates on behalf of the specialty of family medicine, family physicians, and the patients they serve. 

Each year, CFPC members elect a new Board of Directors who are responsible for governing the organization. As the President-elect, Dr. Green will serve as a spokesperson for the CFPC, and ensure their activities and programs are consistent with their mission and objectives. Additionally, he will assume the role of the CFPC’s President during his term.  

As an active and influential member of the Canadian medical community, Dr. Green has served on many professional and government committees, including the Ontario Expert Panel on Wait Times in Primary Care and the provincial Primary Care Advisory Committee on COVID-19. With an interest in both Indigenous health and public health, he has also spent over a decade serving as a medical officer with Indigenous Services Canada’s First Nations and Inuit Health Branch. His research covers a broad range of health and policy areas including primary care, quality of care, health equity, and Indigenous health. 

As a member of the CFPC, Dr. Green has served on the Indigenous Health Committee and the Patient’s Medical Home Steering Committee. Since his appointment to the CFPC Board-of-Directors in 2021, Dr. Green has held the positions of Director-at-Large and Secretary-Treasurer.   

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