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Queen’s CardioPulmonary Unit (QCPU)
Queen’s CardioPulmonary Unit (QCPU)
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Brooke Ring-Snetsinger
Queen’s CardioPulmonary Unit (QCPU) is a state of the art, 8,000 square foot translational research facility located in Queen’s Biosciences Complex. Funded by a $7.7M joint award from Canada Foundation for Innovation and Ontario Ministry of Research, Innovation and Science QCPU research focuses on the development, preclinical testing and commercialization of new therapies for heart, lung, blood and vascular (HLBV) diseases. QCPU officially opened on October 6, 2017.

QCPU is a core facility featuring state-of-the-art infrastructure across three cores: 1) Pre-clinical Discovery and Experimental Therapeutics; 2) Translational Research and Clinical Trials, and; 3) Population Health. Researchers both within and outside of Queen’s University are invited to access QCPU’s research tools and services as part of a cost-recovery model, including CyTOF mass spectroscopy, 2-photon confocal microscopy, cell culture, micro PET/SPECT/CT, genome sequencing, etc. QCPU is also and brings opportunities for scientists, trainees and Queen’s collaborators to be trained on the use of state-of-the-art equipment.

QCPU harnesses the talents of established basic scientists, clinical trialists, population health scientists and clinician scholars. Investigators affiliated with the QCPU have a strong history of successfully translating research discoveries at the bench to bedside. Team members take a populational perspective, collaborating with ICES (Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences) Queen’s to assess disease epidemiology as well as with the Pulmonary Vascular Research Institute (PVRI) to take into account physicians’ practice patterns. QCPU is outward looking with partnerships that allow national and international collaborations.