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Jane Philpott, Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences

Radical Collaboration for a Healthier World

On Monday we officially released and began the implementation of our new strategic vision for Queen’s Health Sciences (QHS): Radical Collaboration. If you haven’t read it yet, now is the time! It’s not only succinct, but inspiring, with lots of space for you to bring in your own radical ideas. 

Do you remember back in March 2021 when I invited you to join the strategic planning process? We wanted to know about your big dreams for the faculty. I ended by proposing that we “set our sights high and imagine what’s possible, together.” 

As we moved through survey questions, pollination sessions and strategy hives, more than 1,000 of you shared those big dreams for the faculty. You engaged with us in thinking about the future of QHS, and you expanded your imagination regarding the limits on what we can accomplish here. 

The message that came through loudly and clearly was a call for collaboration. There is a strong sense in our faculty that by working together and learning together, we can have an even deeper impact. And as we began to put together the strategy that will guide our actions over the next five years, there was no question that our plan be called Radical Collaboration. 

You are going to hear a lot about Radical Collaboration in the coming days and weeks. You will learn about our five new strategic priorities (and if I see you in the street, I may just ask if you can name them, so pay close attention!) and you will see the big goals that we have set to go along with them. If you’re working on campus, you’ll be celebrating by enjoying a #WeAreQHS cookie too. 

If you haven’t already read the plan, you can find it here and you can watch the video outlining our strategic priorities here.  

These priorities, and early actions will be the focus of our attention in the coming days, months and years. Wherever you are positioned in QHS, you will have a chance to contribute; to align your work or activities to actions that drive us towards radical collaboration. In fact, some of this work is already underway. 

This is an exciting time for QHS. We are in the process of developing project teams who will see our early actions through to completion. At the same time, our leaders are starting to think about how they can shift the work of their teams to support and align with our priorities. Some of the work that you do will change as we adapt to this new vision. 

As we enter this new phase of Radical Collaboration, I hope that you will continue to pursue big dreams. Share your ideas, and look for the ways in which you can play a role in driving us forward. It is through each of our unique roles within QHS that we will bring this vision to life. 

Read the plan here and join me in transforming academic health sciences. 


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