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Red dress installed in tree near Summerhill on Queen's campus.

Statement from the Dean’s Office

PHOTO: One of dozens of red dresses installed across Queen's campus hangs from a tree near Stauffer Library. (Photo by Shelby Lisk / Queen's University)

On Thursday, May 4, an event was held in the School of Medicine building that raised $2,744 in support of the National Day of Awareness of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls, and Two-Spirit People (May 5). The event brought together students, staff, and faculty to commemorate those who were lost or stolen. It marked the first time that this day was honoured in Queen’s Health Sciences (QHS), thanks to the leadership of Candice Martin and Jada Beck. 

Posters for this event were placed in the School of Medicine building to highlight challenges facing Indigenous peoples and to promote the event. Some posters were removed. While this was done in compliance with the university’s policy for public notices, we recognize that some members of the QHS community have been adversely affected. 

We are committed to fostering an environment where all students, staff, and faculty feel safe, included, and supported. Further, the university will review the current policy on public notices, and better communicate its requirements to prevent such a situation recurring. 

For those in need of support related to these incidents, please reach out to Student Wellness Services and/or Four Directions Indigenous Student Centre Cultural Counsellor Lisa Doxtator.



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