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Kevin McKegney honoured with Special Recognition for Staff Award

Kevin McKegney honoured with Special Recognition for Staff Award

Kevin McKegneyKevin McKegney has been honoured for his crucial role in ensuring the safe operation of Queen’s Health Sciences’ clinical, research and educational activities 

The QHS manager of facilities, infrastructure, and projects was recognized last month with a Special Recognition for Staff Awards as part of Staff and Faculty Appreciation Day on Wednesday, Dec. 15. Principal and Vice-Chancellor Patrick Deane paid tribute to a number of staff for their accomplishments and contributions in 2021. “These awards recognize our colleagues who have gone above and beyond their day-to-day activities and contribute to a positive work environment,” Principal Deane said at online event. “Once again this has been a year that has challenged us and I want to thank everyone for their hard work and dedication in helping Queen’s and our students.”  

McKegney has spent his 38-year career committed to QHS operations. His nomination heralded McKegney’s vast knowledge of the buildings he oversees, their history, and the people who work within them. His role, however, has never been more crucial than during the pandemic. Nearly every day since March 2020, McKegney has worked onsite to ensure that services continue uninterrupted.  His unparalleled technical expertise and commitment have helped QHS safely maintain essential in-person operations throughout COVID-19. He continues to boost morale and quell the anxiety that many have experienced during this unsettling time. 

McKegney is often among the first people to greet new staff and faculty members. Personal tours of the facilities are enhanced by his vast knowledge of the faculty’s history and his dry sense of humour. In part, his passion for Queen’s history resulted in the preservation of a nearly complete collection of photographs of medical classes dating back to 1860. His love for the university, and the faculty, clearly runs deep. 

Knowing the people and the buildings so well, McKegney can anticipate trouble before it happens. His award nomination sums this up well: “Floods, more floods, radioactive leaks, student crises, faculty crises, problems with roofs, bats, bees, mice – you name it. Kevin has been there, seen it all – and made it right.” 

Dean Jane Philpott and the entire QHS community heartily join Principal Deane in congratulating Kevin Mckegney on his well-deserved tribute 

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