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Investing in tomorrow’s mental health treatments. Dr. Michael Lynch, Meds’58

Investing in tomorrow’s mental health treatments

When Dr. Michael Lynch, Meds’58, looks back on his 60-plus-year career in psychiatry, his proudest moments are the ones when he was able to help people recover from illness. “Many of them were sick for years, not properly diagnosed,” he says. “I cannot tell you how rewarding it was.”

Dr. Lynch is making it possible for a new generation of psychiatrists to have similarly rewarding experiences with their patients with a generous investment in clinical research at Queen’s University’s Department of Psychiatry.

“I had the opportunity to discuss with Dr. Lynch the existing gaps in mental health research,” says Dr. Claudio Soares, Professor and Head of the Department of Psychiatry. “I witnessed his enthusiasm for recent advances in the management of severe mental illnesses and his hope for the achievements to be made by the next generations of clinicians and researchers.”

Dr. Lynch put his enthusiasm into action with a generous gift in support of psychiatric research at Queen’s. He plans to bolster this gift with an estate gift which will create the Michael and Jane Lynch Chair in Psychiatry.

Thanks to Dr. Lynch’s generosity, Queen’s researchers will be able to conduct innovative research that will translate into more efficient treatment and timely care for people with mental health issues.

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