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Fall 2020 - Faculty of Health Sciences

Fall 2020 - Faculty of Health Sciences Program Information

Despite the uncertainty caused by COVID-19, Faculty of Health Sciences faculty and staff have been hard at work ensuring that the programs that we offer will still have the high quality of delivery that the Faculty of Health Sciences and its three schools, Medicine, Nursing and Rehabilitation Therapy, are known for.

For our professional programs in medicine, nursing, occupational therapy, and physical therapy, our students will be on site in Kingston for the Fall 2020 term. Programs will be delivered through a combination of in-classroom, in-laboratory and clinical experiences coupled with online delivery of course material.

Similarly, our graduate programs will be delivered through a combination of in-classroom, in-laboratory and clinical experiences as applicable, with some course material delivered online.

For both BHSc on-campus and online students, the Fall 2020 term will be delivered remotely through the BHSc online program’s interactive learning modules. More information can be found here.

Your experience in fall of 2020 will be different than what we all expected. Nevertheless, we are thrilled to be welcoming a new cohort of students this fall who will be joining our current students in our fantastic health sciences and health professions programs.

We’re ready to answer your questions.

If you’d like to know more about what fall 2020 will look like for your program, please use the links and contact information below. 

Bachelor of Health Sciences (BHSc)

School of Rehabilitation  

  • Physical Therapy 
  • Occupational Therapy 
  • Aging and Health 
  • Rehabilitation Science 
  • Rehabilitation & Health Leadership 
  • For questions, email Marcia Finlayson: 

School of Nursing 

School of Medicine 

School of Medicine Graduate & Postdoctoral programs  

  • Biochemistry & Cell biology  
  • Biostatistics 
  • Cancer Research
  • Epidemiology 
  • Public health  
  • Medical science  
  • Translational medicine  
  • Experimental medicine 
  • Anatomical sciences 
  • Microbes, Immunity, & Inflammation 
  • Neuroscience 
  • Pathology & Molecular Medicine 
  • Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Management Therapeutics, Drug Development & Human Toxicology 
  • Reproduction & Development Sciences 
  • For questions, email Chandra