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Dr. Jane Philpott, Dr. Eva Purkey and Dr. Prameet Sheth

Celebrating the impact of health research: the newest Cinq à Sept Research Talks

Queen’s Health Sciences (QHS) has added new research talks to the Cinq à Sept digital collection from Dr. Prameet Sheth and Dr. Eva Purkey. These new additions, sponsored by Queen’s Vice Principal Research, explore health problems big and microscopic – from how universities and their researchers can partner with communities to improve peoples’ lives, to the discovery of a protein that has the potential to treat antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections.

Watch Dr. Prameet Sheth cinq a sept research talk
Watch Dr. Prameet Sheth's cinq à sept
research talk - "The lowdown on the
showdown in your gut"

The lowdown on the showdown in your gut

Dr. Prameet Sheth (Department of Biomedical and Molecular Sciences) is obsessed with things that are very small—so small you can’t see them or fathom their number. As a microbiologist, he studies bacteria and his lab’s research is focused on infectious diseases. Prepare for a gut check in his eye-opening talk. Starting with the lowdown on our body’s bacteria and the crisis created by antibiotic overuse, Dr. Sheth explores how his discovery of a protein could change the course of the battle against bacterial infections.

Making stone soup and building stronger communities

Dr. Eva Purkey’s (Department of Family Medicine) research is anchored in her experience as a family doctor practicing primary care and obstetrics. She uncovers the experiences and needs of marginalized communities to inform structural changes to improve peoples’ health and social systems. In Dr. Purkey’s game-changing talk, hear her vision for how universities and researchers can work with communities to improve peoples’ lives and well-being. Her vital work uncovers a path to community transformation where everyone can flourish and enjoy ‘stone soup’ together.

Watch Dr. Eva Purkey's Cinq à Sept Research Talk
Watch Dr. Eva Purkey's cinq à sept
research talk - "Making stone soup and
building stronger communities"

About Cinq à Sept

Cinq à Sept Research Talks are inspired by the French tradition of gathering at the end of the workday. Talented researchers headline each Cinq à Sept, which feature engaging, TED-style talks in front of an audience of students, staff, faculty, alumni, and community members. A reception following each Research Talk sparks connection and collaboration—an integral component of the strategic plan for Queen’s Health Sciences:  Radical Collaboration for a Healthier World.


The Cinq à Sept Research Talks run from 5 to 7 p.m. and are held at the Tett Centre, close to campus to allow participants to shift from work or the classroom to the event before going home. Tickets for the events, while limited, are free and available to QHS students, staff, and faculty—as well as Queen’s alumni and members of the Kingston community—on a first come first served basis.

There are no more Research Talks scheduled in 2023; to request a ticket for 2024, please add your name to the wait list.  

Save the date: February 22, 2024 and request tickets to attend.

Apply to give a Research Talk 

Faculty members in Queen’s Health Sciences are invited to apply to speak at a future Cinq à Sept Research Talk.

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