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Queen’s Health Sciences introduces Strategic Performance Process

A new Strategic Performance Process (SPP) within Queen’s Health Sciences (QHS) aims to ensure comprehensive planning and accountability, and informed, transparent decision-making around the faculty’s strategic priorities. 

The process was designed over the last six months and is now being implemented. It will align annual strategic and financial reporting to better position the faculty to meet both QHS and Queen’s University’s strategic priorities. 

Through an annual cycle and quarterly reporting, the QHS executive team will make strategic decisions based on financial resources and faculty priorities. 

“The Strategic Performance Process allows Queen’s Health Sciences to follow a business model that will ensure that we are supporting informed, strong decisions for both QHS and the university,” says Megan Sheppard, Chief Financial and Administrative Officer, Queen’s Health Sciences. 

In the summer of 2023, QHS executive deliberated and approved 18 priority projects for 2023-2025. Some of these projects are already underway; the remainder will have a January 2024 start. Each project has a defined outcome to be completed by April 2025.  

Going forward, the SPP annual cycle will include confirmation of projects, the development and approval of annual plans, review and evaluation of quarterly reports by QHS executive, and the publication of annual reports. 

Strategic Performance Process goals include: 

  • Ensuring the projects that QHS adopts are driving towards the five-year outcomes established for priorities in the faculty’s strategic plan, Radical Collaboration 
  • Ensuring alignment with the university’s strategic priorities and key performance indicators
  • Creating a detailed planning process, accountability, and transparency for all projects 
  • Supporting decision-making by clarifying resource and service needs for each project 

As part of the faculty’s new structure, the Office of Communications and Marketing will be renamed the Office of Communications & Strategic Performance. This office will guide and report on the SPP, including progress reports, and digital storytelling on project milestones.

The QHS priority projects identified for 2023-25 are: 

  • Administrative restructuring  
  • Adopt activity-based budget model 
  • Balance QHS budget 
  • Clinical Trials Unit 
  • Core research facilities 
  • EDIIA admissions renewal 
  • Educational services alignment 
  • Elentra consortium decision 
  • Health home for Kingston area 
  • Nursing expansion 
  • Orientation for leaders 
  • Queen's Lakeridge Health MD Family Medicine Program 
  • Regional Education consolidation 
  • Research Excellence Clusters 
  • Strategic Performance Plan 
  • Wayfinding for priority buildings 
  • Weeneebayko Health Education Campus 

If you have questions or feedback on the Strategic Performance Process, please contact

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