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Queen's Kaleidoscope Institute

You may have heard about the "Institute for Global and Population Health (IGPH)" as part of the Radical Collaboration strategic plan.  The IPGH is now called the Queen's Kaleidoscope Institute!

Call for Collaborators

In the spirit of Radical Collaboration, we are using the word "collaborators" in place of "members".

Core Collaborators: Queen's learners, faculty and staff who make a commitment to the vision and mandate of the Institute. Core Collaborators are highly engaged and active participants in the work of the Institute. 

Affiliate Collaborators: People who are committed to the vision of the Institute and who engage with Institute initiatives, activities and projects informally or on a less regular basis than core collaborators. This includes people from the community (e.g. from partner organizations and groups, from participating communities, persons with lived experience) who actively engage to create, share and use knowledge to co-create solutions to identified challenges and problems.

Learn more about Queen's Kaleidoscope Institute (QKI), what it means to be a collaborator, and how to join: