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HSER 2014-2015

The Health Sciences Education Rounds are held on the fourth Thursday of the month from 8:00-9:00 am. Please note that the October Health Sciences Education Rounds will take place on the 3rd Thursday, the 16th of October. The sessions will take place at the Louise D. Acton Building, 31 George St, room 008. The time, date and location will be listed below. Everyone is welcome. Registration prior to the session is not required.

2014-2015 Schedule of Presentations

October 16, 2014
Topic: Simulation-based Competency Assessment in Resuscitation: A Framework for Assessment from Emergency Medicine
Louise D. Acton, 31 George Street, room 008  
Presenter: Andrew Hall, Department of Emergency Medicine
Presentation Slides




November 27, 2014
Topic: Narrative Practice in Interprofessional Health Sciences Education
Louise D. Acton, 31 George Street, room 008
Presenter: Trisha Parsons, School of Rehabiliation Therapy
Presentation Slides


January 22, 2015
Topic: Window to the Learner's Soul: Understanding and measuring how we develop medical expertise
Louise D. Acton, 31 George Street, room 008
Presenter: Daniel Howes, Department of Emergency Medicine and Critical Care Program

February 26, 2015
Topic: Portfolios for learning - The Queen's experience
Louise D. Acton, 31 George Street, room 008
Presenter: Jennifer MacKenzie, Department of Pediatrics and Genetics
Presentation Slides 

March 26, 2015
Topic: Diversity Teaching in Canadian Medical Schools: A Review 
Louise D. Acton, 31 George Street, room 119
Presenter: Maxine Clarke, Department of Pediatarics 


April 23, 2015
Topic: Assessing Health Professional Students' Patient Safety Competence: A Wicked Problem
Room 108 Cataraqui Building, 92 Barrie Street (Please note the change in location for this round)
Presenter: Deborah Tregunno, Queen's School of Nursing 

May 28, 2015
Topic: New Digital Tool to Evaluate ECG Interpretation Competency
Louise D. Acton, 31 George Street, room 008
Presenter: Adrian Baranchuk, Department of Medicine, Queen's University and Kieran Quinn, PGY 2IM, University of Toronto
Presentation Slides (Dr. Adrian Baranchuk)
Presentation Slides (Dr. Kieran Quinn)