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Intensive Weeks

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Students will attend two (2) in-person intensive week sessions during the program that allow you to establish relationships with your fellow students and faculty members. The intensive weeks take place in July/August of each year in Kingston, Ontario. The first-year intensive week is HQRS 840: Introduction to Quality, Risk and Safety and the second-year intensive week is HQRS 846: Human Factors in Healthcare.

Textbooks, accommodations and meals are included in your tuition and program fees (transportation fees are your responsiblity).

 2019 Cohort    2018 Cohort
Year One Intensive Week    Year One Intensive Week 
HQRS 840:  July 21st-26th, 2019   HQRS 840:  July 29th-Aug. 3rd, 2018
Year Two Intensive Week    Year Two Intensive Week 
HQRS 846:  July 26th-31st, 2020   HQRS 846:  July 28th- Aug. 2nd, 2019
MScHQ Student Impressions (1:46)


Graduate students attend a campus tour
Intensive Week Sneek Peek (1:47)