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Please note that tuition and fees are subject to changes from the Queen's University Board of Trustees. 

  Domestic Students5 International Students
Full Time MBA Tuition $83,795 CAD $105,100 CAD
MScHQ Tuition2 $27,137 CAD $56,267 CAD
MScHQ Intensive Week (x2)3 $3,580 CAD $3,580 CAD
Total $114,512 CAD $164,947 CAD
Dual Program Discount $13,569 CAD $28,134 CAD
Dual Program Total4 $100,943 CAD $136,813 CAD

1January-December 2024. Includes $100 annual student levy for full-time on-campus students ($33.33 per term).

2Total MScHQ tuition over the standard two-year program (based on amounts for 2023-24 academic year).

3Estimated cost for Summer 2024 intensive weeks (2 x $1,790).

4Dual degree total over the full 16 months. Dual degree students are assessed MBA tuition from January through December and MScHQ tuition from May through the following April. Does not include ancillary fees ($1,600 per year) associated with full-time on-campus status for the MBA program (January-December). Does not include UHIP (international student health insurance). Does not include the student levy for the final Winter term ($16.67), which is adjusted to reflect part-time status in final Winter (January-April) term, after MBA courses are complete.

5Canadian citizens, Permanent Residents, Indigenous Peoples, and Exempt International Students. 


Finance Options

Smith School of Business has partnered with the local Kingston branch of RMC Royal Bank to offer a student line of credit tailored to your needs. Please contact the MBA program for more information on securing a line of credit.

Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP)
Those accepted into the Queen's MBA Program can now apply for OSAP. Please visit this website for more information here.

Academic Scholarships
Entrance scholarships are awarded to applicants whom the MBA Scholarship Committee deem to have the strongest overall profiles. Each year Queen's awards over 50% of students with merit-based scholarships ranging from $10,000 to the entire cost of the program.

Please note that a separate application for scholarships is not required. All qualified candidates who submit a completed admissions application will be automatically considered for an entrance scholarship.

In addition to our entrance scholarships we also have the privilege of offering named scholarships made possible by supporters of the Queen's MBA program.