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Setting the stage for the next five years in FHS and SEAMO

I gave a talk on ‘daring leadership’ recently, and my thesis was this: if you’re going to be a daring leader, you must know your purpose. You must know what you’re trying to accomplish.  

This applies to organizations too. In fact, when you have hundreds - or thousands - of people working together, a common purpose is essential.

COVID-19 is a call to service: Kingston is responding

This blogpost was co-written by Jane Philpott, David Pichora, Cathy Szabo, and Kieran Moore

Discovering the ground-breaking research happening in FHS

Thanks to discovery science, we have reason to believe 2021 will be a better year. It took a pandemic for some to realize how much we should value the people and places dedicated to health research. 

We are all treaty people

In 2016, Ontario passed legislation declaring the first week of November as Treaties Recognition Week. This was established as part of Ontario’s commitment to reconciliation with Indigenous peoples. Of course, treaties are more than events and clearly, they are relevant every week of the year. Still, this annual event is a good opportunity to enhance awareness about treaty rights and relationships, and to increase knowledge about treaty history.

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