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The overarching objective of the Master of Science in Healthcare Quality (MScHQ) program is to prepare individuals who are considered capable and skilled in linking theoretical foundations of quality, risk and safety with practical applications in healthcare settings, and to develop expertise enabling individuals to assume leadership roles to promote excellence. These skills will be achieved through course work, networking with fellow students and faculty members, and a supervised quality improvement project.

The learning outcomes of the MScHQ Program are to:

    Promote, innovate and disseminate, in theory and methods, the discipline of Quality, Risk and Safety in Healthcare.
    Engage in research that will enhance quality improvement, risk reduction and promote safety within the healthcare system.
    Systemically examine, evaluate and measure and apply current tools and approaches for system improvements.
    Enable individuals to assume leadership roles in their organizations to ensure the patient safety mandate is fulfilled.
    Practice health care safely in the 21st century with the competencies outlined by Healthcare Excellence Canada (formerly the Canadian Patient Safety Institute) and the World Health Organization (WHO).
    Practice in an interdisciplinary environment understanding perspectives of other disciplines and incorporating patient
         perspectives on quality and safety, and have the capacity to move beyond their immediate local environment to inspire
         change at the policy level.
    Facilitate networking opportunities and a supportive-collaborative learning environment.