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Many of our alumni have been promoted into leadership positions, started new positions in healthcare quality, or used their degree to enhance their current position in fields such as:

  • Law
  • Engineering
  • Business
  • Healthcare
  • Administration
  • Policy advisement
  • QI policy

Health quality, risk and safety is an emerging field and our graduates have been very succesful with job prospects. Please contact our office if you would like to speak with an alumni about the program at (613) 533-6000 ext. 75370 or email




Asaph Rolnitsky | BSc Med, MSc, MD
Queen's University MScHQ Graduate 2016












Kendra Ramer | BHSc, CRM
Queen's University MScHQ Graduate 2015













As an improvement-passionate neonatologist, I know that every effort to achieve better care results in better, lifelong better developmental outcomes in our patients. Having graduated the VA quality fellowship, I realized it was important for me to substantiate my knowledge with further academic studies. Once in the program, I knew I chose wisely (Haha!) and found a great mix of QI, Ergonomic, behavioural, practical, legal, and research topics covered that made the MScHQ engaging, interesting, and a very positive experience. The workload was acceptable (even to a family and full-time position) but even when busy, it was interesting and challenging in a positive way. I thank the admin and the educating team and am happy to be contacted for questions. I wish us all the best studies.





The Master of Science in Healthcare Quality program appealed to me because it engages experts from a wide range of Faculties such as Health Science, Law, Engineering, Business and Policy Studies. The program encourages students from a variety of professions to explore various approaches to process improvement in healthcare settings by incorporating best practices. As a risk management consultant at an acute care hospital I recognize that the exchange of knowledge in the program can be practically applied in the workplace. The format of the program is conducive to my career as it is offered on a part time basis through distance learning, allowing me to continue as a working professional in the field. I feel that the opportunity for growth the program offers will strengthen my abilities as a future leader in healthcare. This is a unique program that speaks to a passion for improving quality, promoting risk reduction and fostering a culture of safety within the healthcare system in Canada.