Life Sciences & Biochemistry
Life Sciences & Biochemistry
Undergraduate Life Sciences
The Life Sciences program at Queen’s University is one of its largest Bachelor of Science degree plans on campus because of its high demand by students who wish to pursue careers in biomedical research and health care.
Undergraduate Biochemistry
The Biochemistry program is a comprehensive program in the Bachelor of Science degree plan, which provides students with an in-depth training in modern experimental Biochemistry and prepares for entry into graduate programs, industry, and careers in the biomedical sciences.
Associate Dean Dr. Michael Kawaja
Dr. Michael Kawaja


  • Discovery Day Volunteers Required for May 3rd
    Published Tue Apr 12th 2016

    The Life Sciences and Biochemistry Program office is co-hosting Discovery Day on Tuesday, May 3rd with the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame.  Interested students can volunteer in guiding High Schools to hands-on sci...