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421/422 Projects

Selection process of BCHM 421/422 projects and procedure to enter the BCHM SSP program in 4th year.

During the fall term of their 3rd year, BCHM students with an interest in the SSP program will be introcuted to faculty partcipating in the BCHM program at information nights, social events, and during the weekly BCHM 317 laboratories.  At these sessions members of the BCHM student council, graduate students, and faculty (including the Coordinator of the BCHM program and the Association Dean, Biochemistry and Life Sciences) will discuss the process for 1) selection of BCHM 421/422 projects and supervisors, and 2) entry criteria for the SSP program in their 4th year.  During this time, students will be encouraged to begin reviewing websites, research articles, and review papers of those faculty members who have participated in the BCHM 421/422 research thesis projects to gage their interest in particular research topics and techniques.

  • Step 1.  Beginning in December we will be posting available positions and participating research groups.  
  • Step 2.  Beginning the first day of classes in January for two week we ill have an interview window with a moratorium on actual decisions.  Interested students are expected to set up appointmnents with individual participating faculty members from the BCHM program and other Departments (e.g. Biology, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Pathology and Molecular Medicine).  During the face-to-face meetings, students will obtain more specific project information, provide an up-to-date unofficial transcript (including fall term of Year 3) and CV, and discuss research opportunities.  
  • Step 3.  Offering placements by paicipating research groups will commence the last week of January.  Once a mutual agreement of placement is reached between a faculty member and a student, the course coordinator will be notified and the list of available projects and supervisors will be updated on the website.  It is expected that all BCHM 421/422 placements will be secured by March 31st of 3rd year, after which time a change in host laboratory will normally not be accommodated. The definitive list of student/lab assignments will be finalized in May when the list of accepted 4th year SSP students in the Biochemistry Program is confirmed based on a minimum requirement of a GPA of 2.9 in BCHM core courses (i.e. BCHM 218, 313, 315, 316, 317) and will occur in May of their 3rd year.

Important dates in 3rd year:

  • December - List of participating faculty and project descriptions will be on the website.
  • January 9-20:  Interview with faculty participating in BCHM 421/422.
  • January 23:  Offers will be commence from Faculty to Students.
  • May: The list of accepted Biochemistry SSP students will be established, and student/lab assignments will be finalized for BCHM 421/422 in the Fall.

Participating Faculty 2017-2018:
Below you will find supervisor's and keywords to their projects.  If you are interested, please click on the outline.  Each faculty is linked to their web page as well.

List of available projects:
BCHM Faculty:
Dr. Graham Cote and Dr. Steven Smith - Keywords: cell motility, myosin-I, IQ motifs, structural biology, protein-protein interactions Outline.
Dr. Peter Davies -  Project #3 - Keywords: Recombinant proteins, bioinformatics, structural biology, microfluidics, anti-bacterials.  Outline.
Dr. Zongcao Jia  - Project #2 - Keywords: structural biology, protein phosphorylation, kinase activity and activation.  Outline.
Dr. Zongcao Jia  - Project #3 - Keywords: kinase, coenzyme Q, ATP, biosynthesis.  Outline.
Dr. Christopher Mueller  - Two Projects.  Keywords: DNA methylation, Circulating tumour DNA, cancer, blood test, breast, prostate.

Dr. Gang Wu  (CHEM) - will take one or two students.
Dr. Anne Petitjean  (CHEM) - Keywords: DNA targeting; cancer; infections; organic synthesis; spectroscopies
Dr. William Plaxton  (BIOL) - Project #2 - green algae, triacylglycerides (bio-oil), allosteric enzyme, metabolic control, global warming.  Outline.
Dr. Wayne Sneddon (BIOL) - Key words: protein biochemistry, calcium signal transduction, plant molecular biology, protein-protein interaction
Dr. Nader Ghasemlou  (DBMS) - will take two students.
Dr. David Zechel (CHEM) - Key words:  enzyme catalysis, phosphonate degradation, fluorinated natural products

Dr. John Allingham
Drs. John Allingham and Andrew Craig
Dr. Brian Amsden (CHEM ENG)
Dr. Andrew Craig 
Dr. Graham Cote
Dr. Graham Cote/Dr. Wayne Snedden (BIOL)
Dr. Peter Davies - 2 positions
Dr. Peter Greer 
Dr. Philip Jessup (CHEM)
Dr. Zongchao Jia  Project #1
Dr. Glenville Jones (2 positions)
Dr. Xudong Liu (PSYCHIATRY)
Dr. Mark Ormiston
Dr. William Plaxton, Project #1 (BIOL)
Dr. Neil Renwick (CHEM) - two positions
Dr. Avena Ross (CHEM) - two positions
Dr. Steven Smith
Dr. Laura Wells (CHEM ENG)
Dr. Xiaolong Yang (PATH)

List of those who will NOT be taking students:
Dr. Colin Funk will not be taking any students as he is on sabbatical.

List of those who have had projects in the past but have not yet confirmed for 2017/18:
BCHM Faculty

Dr. Bruce Hill 
Dr. Robert Campbell
Dr. Martin Petkovich
Dr. Michael Adams (DBMS)
Dr. Stephen Archer (DBMS)
Dr. Inka Brockhausen (DBMS)
Dr. Scott Davey (DBMS)
Dr. Donal Macartney (CHEM)
Dr. Lois Mulligan  (PATH)