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Project Portfolio

Our experienced eLearning team consists of a business analyst, an instructional designer, and a number of talented web design and development experts. We actively and ambitiously maintain a dynamic project portfolio that includes (alphabetically):

Common Physician Credentialing System

A new electronic credentialing system that supports the requirements of Kingston General Hospital, Hotel Dieu of Kingston, Providence Care, Ongwanada, and Queen’s University, School of Medicine. This system effectively and securely facilitates the sharing of data for credential and reporting purposes between these partner organizations.

Continuing Professional Development Program Centre

An office and program management suite with significant administrative components, and learner self-serve features. This highly flexible web-based application facilitates all aspects of CME program development, implementation, delivery, and tracking.

eLearning Module Library

Creation and maintenance of over 300 online learning modules and virtual patients. We do this in conjunction with the many internationally recognized faculty members, and educational developers that work within the Faculty of Health Sciences at Queen’s University. These eLearning resources are used throughout our medical, nursing, and rehabilitation therapy curriculums.

Elentra Platform

A collaborative development initiative between Queen’s University, University of Calgary, and UCLA that allows teachers, learners and curriculum managers a simple way of accessing, interacting, and managing the curriculum within their educational environment. Elentra releases are created by our development team, then brought into our environment to be customized and branded as MEdTech Central, and Helix Central. For more information please visit the Elentra website at

Health Sciences Admissions

A complex web-based application that aims to handle all of the complexities of our Undergraduate Medical and Rehabilitation Therapy admissions processes.

Medical Trainee Data (MTD) Collection System

The Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care now requires medical schools in the province of Ontario to collect and report all Clerk and Resident hospital-based activity on a quarterly basis to the Ontario Physician Human Resources Data Centre (OPHRDC). Queen’s University is responsible for reporting this information for 13 hospitals in our region, and we write and maintain the software that facilitates this process.

SkillScribe Platform

A mobile friendly learning content authoring platform that allows experts to create and publish online learning material in a very interactive and engaging way. Learners can browse and subscribe to a “SkillSet”, then go through the material (i.e. rich text, audio, video) and answer quizzes at a rate determined by the content author. Upon successful completion the learner obtains a “badge” acknowledging they’ve completed the SkillSet. One of our future goals is to work with our CPD office to issue various continuing professional development credits for physicians who complete accredited SkillSets. For more information please visit the SkillScribe website at