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The Health Sciences Education Technology or EdTech Unit (formerly known as Medical Education Technology or MEdTech Unit) – was created in October 2003 with a mission to enhance learning and teaching through innovations in education technology. Our work has targeted four broad strategies:

Develop a Strong Information Technology Infrastructure

This is the foundation upon which we build our e-learning solutions. Within the past few years we have:

  • Developed excellent partnerships with the Information Technology (MedIT) and the central University’s Information Technology Services (ITS)
  • Upgraded to new servers (in collaboration with MedIT and ITS)
  • Continued upgrades to server capacity and capabilities, as needed.

Develop and maintain a Student-Centered e-Learning Portal and Learning Management System

The goal is for learners to access all their academic needs from one site, including the curriculum objectives database, lecture schedules, lecture notes and other e-learning resources, library e-resources, and communication and collaboration tools. We achieve this with the continued development of the Elentra software platform.

Promote Transformational Change and Scholarship

EdTech ultimately aims to transform the culture of learning and teaching, in collaboration with local and national partners, to be more interactive, integrated, and relevant.