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Drs. Karen Schultz and Eva Purkey Receive CFPC Awards

Congratulations to Dr. Karen Schultz, Program Director, Postgraduate Education (left), and Dr. Eva Purkey, Program Director, Global Health, who received Canadian Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) recognition at Family Medicine Forum on November 11.

Engaging in the change: Co-creation

The following guest blog was written by a friend and colleague, Dr. James Wright, who is a recognized Canadian leader in orthopaedic surgery and health care outcomes research. He has also been very involved in leadership activities, both as a part of his professional work and as a student of the discipline of leadership. Jim recently started a new blog on clinical leadership, and I'm delighted to share one of his posts as a part of Dean on Campus. - Richard

Building Better Together

The following is a guest blog by Dr. Catherine Donnelly, Associate Professor in the School of Rehabilitation Therapy's Occupational Therapy program.

Dr. Roberta Bondar visits Queen's to share A Cautionary Tale

This guest blog was written by Kate Rath-Wilson, PhD, and MD Candidate (Class of 2019). 

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