In July 2017, Queen’s University will become the first institution in Canada to fully transition all of its postgraduate residency programs to a competency-based medical education (CBME) framework. Our residency programs have been restructured and a new assessment system has been developed to ensure that residents are ready to benefit from this innovative new way of learning. The future of medical education in Canada is changing and Queen's is proud to be leading the way.
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Bachelor of Health Sciences (BHSc)

This program offers students access to courses that are prerequisites for admission to a wide variety of Health Professional programs such as medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, rehabilitation therapy, and nursing. These programs are increasingly competency-based, meaning that their graduates must achieve and demonstrate competency in specific health-related roles. This concept has been specifically built into the Bachelor of Health Sciences curriculum, enabling our graduates to demonstrate their achievements in these roles upon applying to a health professional program, thereby strengthening their applications.
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Dean’s Report

The report highlights examples of great gains being made in all three schools toward our vision: to ask questions, seek answers, advance care and inspire change.

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The framework outlines our shared successes across the faculty, as well as our common vision, values, and complementary missions that will guide us through to 2021.

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